Economic empowerment is one of the keys for the independent living of persons with disabilities. According
to British Councils report & quote; Moving from margin & quote; clearly defines what barriers person with disabilities are facing in order to achieve economic empowerment. According to UNCRPD Article 17 state party should
Develop certain legislation in order to provide equal opportunities for persons with disabilities. In this article, it is clearly reflected in the provision of accessible transportation at affordable rates is the primary responsibility of the state. Moreover, if we reflect on labor laws of Pakistan there is no clause for work mentioning for persons with disabilities. Even not a single legislation defines accessible transportation and reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities.
In Pakistan transportation is one of the biggest challenges for employees with disability. All means of quality transportation services should be available at affordable rates but unfortunately, majorities is expensive and have limited access for persons with disabilities. Provision of discount cards for persons with disabilities. These cards are accepted nationwide and persons with disabilities can travel on discounted rates across Pakistan.
SPRING association with the collaboration of Punjab Transportation authority, Federal transportation authority and Trocaire has organized launch ceremony of discount transportation card for persons with disabilities. The details of this event are given below.

Objectives of Sponsorships

Spring association has approved these discount transportation card for persons with disabilities from
The government of Punjab. These cards will be valid for 5 years, during which persons with disabilities will
Enjoy discount in fares all sort of transportation services. Spring has also arranged its launch ceremony,
Whose details can be seen in next section?
Spring association is now requesting for sponsorship for printing of these cards. In the first phase

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