Often, people with physical disabilities (PwDs) are stigmatized by society and do not benefit from the same opportunities as “abled” persons do. The general public often believes that PwDs are not able to perform in the same way as any abled bodied person can. On the contrary, we have seen in daily life that Persons with Physical Disabilities can do it too but they need some facilities to perform.To prove this, the spring association, through its inclusive sports Project, has organize the Cricket match for People with Physical Disabilities 2019, in Lahore. For this event,  approvals and support, which has been received from the Government of the Punjab, through the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MoYS), the professional guidance and support from the Physically challenged Cricket Pakistan (PCCP), the assistance from various sponsers,  to host the matches at the local cricket ground and not forgetting the fantastic response of the participating teams and audians, has made this match a real success.

Abdul Razzak Cricket Ground

The Abdul Razzak Cricket ground also called Lahore development authority cricket ground, is a cricket ground in Lahore, the capital of Punjab province. Located 10 kilometres away from the city centre in Lahore, the ground holds approximately 500 people, and is named for the Pakistan international cricketer Abdul Razzak.

The stadium is located in Savar in Lahore. It has held many cricket matches. The ground has hosted blinds Cricket World Cup matches in 2008. Also the ground has hosted the various domestic cricket competitions and the Pakistan wheel-chair Premier League in 2019.

Main Highlights Of The Match

Classification Of Persons with Disabilities

Classification of Disabled Players has been the main issue which has been amicably resolved by the Officials of both the teams after detailed deliberations and exchange of topographies of Disabled Players. It has been resolved that only those players whose physical appearance is not normal shall be classified as Disabled Players. That complete decorum and discipline has been aborted during the caurse of conduct of match by players of both the teams and no incident in this respect has been requested.

Match Day newz

The recently held Disabled Cricket match between Lahore white and Lahore green Disabled Cricket Teams. This match has introduced are and a new format of Cricket, which has been already presented at international Level. The series has been played in Abdul Razzak cricket ground on 14 april, 2019.The expense for holding the match in Abdul Razzak Cricket Ground has been equally shared among various sponsers. Only one T-20 has been played on the Abdul Razzak Cricket Ground Lahore. In the match,  there have been two teams Lahore green and Lahore white disabled cricket teams.  Each team have been consisted of twelve physical impaired players, belonging from different areas of city. Lahore green disabled cricket team has won the match by giving target to Lahore white disabled cricket team, which white team has failed to chase.

Both print and audio / visual media have covered the event in Pakistan and huge coverage has been given by the Newspaper of repute by publishing reports photography’s of the Disabled Players in action. The match has been attended by huge crowds who have been thrilled by witnessing the play of Disabled Cricketers.

Distribution Ceremony

After conclusion of the match, Prize Distribution Ceremony has been held which has been graced by the presence of Provincials Minister for youth & sports Mr. Tehmoor, Chairman spring and PCCP, Mr. Raja Imran Hussain and Aima Baig Pakistani singer. Gifts and Souvenirs have been exchanged between the Disabled Players. The trophy has sponsored  by one of sponser, which has been presented to winning captain by minister. Cash match awards for different categories have also been awarded to the outstanding players and man of the match and Simalar Medals have been given to the Players who performed well.

During this, Minister for youth & sports has appreciated efforts of players and has  said that he is extremely proud to be a part of such a momentous occasion. For him,  This match is a huge one for sensitizing public regarding disability. According to minister, if all of us can think of its impact upon our society and upon our minds. Physically challenged people will show how capable they are in throwing out so called physical difficulties. This event will help all of us to change our mentality towards disability and will help to open our eyes; All of us will be more careful, more loving, and more positive towards children who are physically challenged. He congratulate Sponsor partners and the Organizing Committee for their relentless efforts to make this event a success.

Simalarly, Spring chairman Raja Imran Hussain has congratulated the winning team and said that the spring Cricket match for People with Physical Disabilities 2019 has concluded successfully and He is overwhelmed by its accomplishment. The players have displayed to the world that “they can do it too. He is delighted to convey his words of thanks to the ministry of youth & sports, sponsers and organizing committee members. Without their support and cooperation, this historic event would not have been attainable. On behalf of the spring, he will like to express his tremendous gratitude to Tehmoor, Honorable youth & sports Minister of the Government of the Punjab for inaugurating this event. His presence and his words of assurance for support is a great source of inspiration for Persons living with Physical Disabilities. He is looking to the future with anticipation of great possibilities.


The Disabled match, which has been played between two Disabled cricket Team of Lahore, has been a huge success. Due to this landmark event the Disabled Team Players have proved their mettle that they are no less them the Physically Normal Players and that they do not want sympathy but need encouragement for performance, which has been amply demonstrated in the match played. Last but not the least due to this Pioneering Disabled match the noble cause of Disabled Players has attained attraction and recognition on national Level and has proved a great morale booster to the cause of Disabled Cricket. To keep up this work, spring is planning similar cricket match among disabled cricketers of Islamabad, for which spring will require support of donors and corporate sector organizations.

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