First-time in the history of Pakistan, spring has initiated a programme with the support of Railway ministry for making Rawalpindi railway station accessible for all kinds of disabilities. In the first phase of this project, spring has introduced disability help booth for passengers with different disabilities in Rawalpindi station. Spring has also sensitized railway staff for assisting passengers with disabilities, with the help of which any passenger with a disability can receive support from trained railway staff when he/she will press disability help button in disability booth.


   The launch of Travel Discount Cards for Persons with Disabilities


Blessed Ramadan for everyone

Sensitization Workshop on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (PWD)

Sensitization Workshop on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (PWD) in Election 2018

Workshop Conducted by Spring Association

Participants:  from

2. PPP

3. PTI

4. JI

Before our sensitization workshop, the understanding level about disability among political parties and office bearers was 5 to 7 %. But after our awareness workshop, the understanding level increased 55 % plus. They need two to three more same kinds of workshops for a better understanding before elections 2018 are held.  Focal Person in 4 political parties  Person with Disabilities.




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